Friday, 13 January 2017

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 to all of Blogville! 

I've been very busy over the last year but I haven't forgotten all furiends

I've been playing and going for lots of walks with my Mum

Hugs and Selfies 

Mum even likes to pretend that she is a dog like me!

I hope that you all have a great New Year and I look forward to visiting your blogs to see what I have missed.

Until then I'm going to do some serious snuggling...

Love and Licks

Friday, 29 July 2016

My Holiday with Coffee ... It's better late than never!

Way back in January I went on holiday with Coffee

We enjoyed staying in Ash Lodge at Lon Lodges 

We had such beautiful winter weather it was cold, fresh and sunny

I kept watch with Coffee at the gate.

Such beautiful views from the Lodge.

Me and Coffee


I liked to walk on the deck and sniff around, there was a lot of wild life there!

Enjoying the sunshine.

We had lots of adventures in the fields and I enjoyed walking through the Farm lands.

Just enjoying the scenes! 

Amazing walkies!

In the night it was Hot-Tub O'clock!

Bampi and Daddy loved the hot tub!

Daddy, Nannie Carina and Bampi Dave enjoying the hot tub.

Nannie and Bampi

Daddy and Mum

It was hard to see them in the steam!

Me and Coffee amid the steam of the hot tub, there was no way we were going in there too!

The next day we saw this fuzzy fella!

I hope you are all barking at him now!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Cat and The Claw.

This is my claw on the back right hand side with my long beautiful nail.

This is my claw on the back left hand side....

Yes its gone!

I never thought that chasing a Cat would have me end up in the VET but it did, I ran after the cat and came limping back to Mum for her to discover that my nail was bent over diagonally to the right, it looked really gross!

After going to the Vet and weighing a fabulous 11Kg  - My goal weight is 10Kg and I'm happy to report that I am right on target, they gave me a thorough checking over.

This is me on the scales looking scared during the weigh-in.

The Vet was advertising Petplan who is my insurance company.

Check out Mel the Pug!

This is me at the Vet, they gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine last week when the claw incident happened, on my return visit they said that my nail may not grow back but its all healed and looking healthy and I can resume my long walks.
I guess I wont be allowed to chase the cats again! Ooops!