Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Meet My New Brother Max!

This is Max he is a Black and Tan French Bulldog

Max is my new Baby Brother

Max loves to cuddle up to me to go to sleep

Mum says he looks like a baby bat!

I'm just watching the mayhem as Mum says he is like a little torpedo of trouble

Max sleeping in the car

Mum says I'm still her Number 1 boy, she loves me and I come first but she thought that I needed a Brother to play with.

I must admit Max is a cute one but not as cute as me!!!

But he can do some really cool tricks already and he is only 10 weeks old! 

Welcome to Blogville Max!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Today is My GOTCHA DAY!

February 23rd is my GOTCHA DAY its been 7 years since Mum fell in love with my puppy photo and made the long journey across the border from Wales to England to get me from my Pawrents.

Me and Mum Hug - I was 10 weeks old.

Mum teaching me to go pawtty outside.

Mum says I was a cute and very tiny puppy.

My very first Bath.

I actually quite enjoy a bath these days and it was all because my first experience went very well with lots of treats and a towel at my feet so I didn't slip and slide.

I just loved to nibble as a puppy

I loved to spend time playing

My pink ball was my favorite

but even now I don't play fetch like a real dog, I don't tend to bring toys back (oops)

Bouncing or flying the ears are ready for take-off!

My water bowl and food bowl were almost as big as me!

I had a lot of newspapers to read as a pup.

Mum teaching my recall and training skills out on our walk.

I was so teeny-tiny!


I had lots of adventures as I grew up

Getting a tan on my pale tail


chewing on my Kong toy

I had a lot of days out 

Fun in the fields

I was so little and skinny as a puppy.

Giving Mum the Puppy Eyes!

Tanning my pale tail in the sunshine.

I love my Mum and she loves me

I have had a wonderful life so far - 7 years have gone by so fast!

Thank you all for being such wonderful Furiends.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Unconditional Love. 

When a dog offers you his heart 
Accept it with a smile 
For his love will last a lifetime - 
Which is such a little while. 

When a dog offers you his heart 
Take it gladly and with pride 
For he will be a faithful friend 
Ever by your side. 

When you're sad, he'll comfort you 
And kiss away each tear 
You may even wake up in the morning 
With a cold nose in your ear.... 

When a dog offers you his heart 
Accept it with a smile 
For his love will last a lifetime - 
Which is such a little while.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Happy 19th Birthday to Auntie Ashley!

I love my Auntie Ashley we have had so many wonderful adventures together!



I wishing her a very fun and brilliant Birthday!